Your BendBroadband® Online Bill Pay Has Changed!

To pay your bill online, you’ll need to set up a BendBroadband Online Account with a user name and password. With that one user name and password combination, you’ll be able to pay your bill online, modify your account settings, and access TV Everywhere* programming.  

The credentials you used previously to pay your BendBroadband (Crestview) bills will no longer work

Do you have an email address that ends with

If Yes:

Then, you already have a BendBroadband Online Account user name! Use this link to log in with your email address (Be sure to enter your complete email address in the username field, including the portion).  

Note: You’ll need to set up a NEW online account password. To do this, click “Forgot Password” under the field where you are supposed to enter a password. Then, walk through the steps to set up a new password (you’ll be prompted to enter either an email address or phone number that’s on file with your account or your new 16-digit BendBroadband account number).   

  • This user name and password combination will be used to log in to BendBroadband Online Bill Pay and TV Everywhere.
  • For now, this user name and password combination will NOT affect your current email log in. (We will be migrating email soon; once that happens, your BendBroadband online account user name and password will be the only combination you need to log in.)

If No:

Then, you need to set up a new user name and password for your BendBroadband Online Account.

Set up my online account. You’ll need to enter the phone number or email address that’s associated with your BendBroadband account.  If you’re not sure which phone number or email address is associated with your account, you can set up your account using your 16-digit BendBroadband account number and newly assigned account PIN. ( We recently mailed this information to you.)  You’ll be walked through the steps to set up a username and password.

(*not available to all customers)