How do I access my BendBroadband-based email inbox the first time?

If you’re a former Crestview Cable customer with an email address, you will need to set a new password the first time you log in to your new BendBroadband-based inbox. This new password plus your email address will serve as your log-in credentials for your  BendBroadband Online Account and enable you to access Online Bill Pay, TV Everywhere, and your email with just one user name and password.

Here’s how to set your new password when you log in to your BendBroadband-based inbox the first time:

  1. Go to


  1. Click the Email link the gray bar.
  2. On the Secure Login screen, enter your email address in the User Name field. Click Continue.



  1. At the Password prompt, click the Forgot Password link that is located beneath the Sign in bar.

  1. The Confirm your Identity screen will appear.   You’ll be able to choose the method which you want a security code sent. Choose one of the call me/text me options to have a security code sent to a phone number that should be familiar to you. (We do NOT recommend choosing the email option, as the code will most likely be sent to the email address you’re setting a new password up for.)

If recovery contact information does not exist for your account, a message will appear and tell you to call the BendBroadband help desk for assistance.

  1. Click ‘Continue‘. An automated message with a security code will be sent.
  1. Enter the security code when prompted. Click Continue.




  1. On the Change Password Screen, enter a new password in the appropriate field and then retype it in the Confirm Password field. Click Change Password.


  1. A prompt to update/confirm recovery information will appear. This information can be used to reset your account information (user name or password) if you’re ever locked out. Security codes will be sent to the information on file in order to confirm your identity. So, please take a moment to review the information to ensure it’s up-to-date:
    1. Click Set up Recovery Contacts
    2. Enter a non-Bendbroadband/ email address and click continue.
    3. Enter a valid phone number. (Text messages can only be sent to cell phone numbers.)
    4. To confirm you have access to the contact information you provided, a security code will be sent to the method you entered. When prompted, enter the Security code you receive, click Submit.
  2. Once your password is changed, you will be redirected to the BendBroadband Login page.
  3. Enter your email address in the User Name field. Click continue.
  4. Enter your new password in the Password field. Click Sign-In.
  5. Your BendBroadband-based inbox will appear. This inbox will contain all messages received to your email address since Nov. 2, 2018.