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Internet Usage Allowance

The demand for faster home broadband service has skyrocketed, as we all find more ways to enjoy the Internet.  Downloading movies, gaming and the number of mobile Internet devices being used in the home have an impact on how much bandwidth is used.

BendBroadband currently offers four levels of Internet service in your area.  Our goal is to provide each customer with the opportunity to choose the Internet service level that best meets their individual needs and budget. Each level of service has bandwidth usage allowances, for upstream and for downstream.  BendBroadband monitors bandwidth to help ensure customers receive the quality of service they are paying for.  Downstream data is content coming from the Internet to your computer/device.  Upstream data is what you send out to the Internet.

Level of Service Downstream Allowance Upstream Allowance
Internet Essential 150GB 25GB
Broadband Extra 550GB 75GB
Broadband Elite 800GB 150GB
Broadband Ultimate 1250GB 250GB

There is no additional charge for exceeding your monthly usage allowance. However, doing so will result in an automatic and dramatic slowdown in your Internet service until the first day of the next month when full speed service is restored.

To make you aware of your bandwidth consumption and give you time to avoid a service slowdown, BendBroadband will notify you by email at your address if you reach 90% of your monthly usage allowance. That email will be the only way we notify you.  If you do not have a email address, email us at or call and we will create one for you.

To avoid a slowdown in service you can consciously reduce your bandwidth consumption for the rest of the month or upgrade to a new level of service to meet your needs.  By upgrading, you receive a larger monthly bandwidth allowance and faster Internet speed.

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How to Manage Your Bandwidth Usage

Certain activities on the Internet will lead to greater consumption of your usage allowance.  For example, downloading or streaming music and videos uses more bandwidth than email or general Web surfing:

  • Streaming a full-length HD movie would use 4 to 5 GBs (gigabytes) of bandwidth. A standard definition movie uses half that amount.
  • Streaming 24 hours of music uses about 1 GB of bandwidth.
  • Sending and receiving thousands of emails, even with attachments, doesn’t use much bandwidth so you probably would not reach your limit.
High-Speed Internet availability varies and speeds shown may not be available at all service addresses. Actual speeds experienced by customers vary and are not guaranteed. Speed ranges shown are expressed as “up to” to represent network capabilities between customer location and the BendBroadband network. Speeds vary due to factors including: distance from switching locations and external/internal network conditions. Additional equipment may be required and charges may apply.  Monthly data usage allowances vary by plan. Additional taxes, fees, and equipment charges may apply. Delinquent accounts may lose service. Certain services are not available in all areas. Price may vary by serving area and is subject to change without notice.