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@Crestviewcable.com Email Inboxes Have Changed

@CrestviewCable .com email addresses are now part of the BendBroadband email platform.  No worries: Your @crestviewcable.com email address is the same.  Continue to use it as you always have, however keep these changes in mind:

  • You now log in to your email inbox at mybendbroadband.com.  (Click the email link in the gray bar!)
    Or, click Webmail from Crestviewcable.net to get there.

As of Nov. 2, this is the only inbox where you’ll receive new email messages.

  • You have new email log-in credentials:
    • Your new User Name is your @Crestviewcable.com email address.
    • You need to set up a new password the first time you access your new inbox. How to set up your new password

Your log in credentials for your @crestviewcable.com  inbox will not work in the new BendBroadband email platform.

  • You need to change POP or IMAP server information on your devices if you use an email client (like Outlook) or access your inbox from an app on your mobile device. Here’s how to change server settings. 
  • Your mailbox will look different: notice the BendBroadband look and feel. And, use the orange tabs at the top to get to your mail, address book, calendar, tasks and preferences. Check out the email portion of our Frequently Asked Questions for help navigating your new inbox.

Access Your Old Crestview Cable Inbox Until Dec. 3 

Until Dec. 3, you can continue to log in to your old email box on the Crestview Cable platform  (using your old log in credentials), however NO NEW MESSAGES WILL BE RECEIVED THERE. All new messages now go to your BendBroadband-based inbox.

Any contents from your Crestview Cable inbox (like messages, contacts, etc.) that you want to keep need to be forwarded it to your new BendBroadband inbox before Dec. 3.

Any content not moved before Dec. 3 will be lost, as your Crestview Cable inbox will be inaccessible after that date.

How to Move @CrestviewCable.com email messages to your new email inbox

How to Move @CrestviewCable.com contacts to your new email inbox