Spam Filtering

Any incoming email messages determined by our system to be spam will be returned to the sender unless you change the default.  The most likely messages that would be blocked when a new filtering system is put in place are those from marketing companies or mailing lists that you previously signed up for. Sometimes the companies that run mailing lists for legitimate businesses are also used by businesses or individuals to send unsolicited email, which may get the mailing list operator placed on one or more block lists.

If you are concerned about missing any legitimate messages you may quarantine your messages for your own review.

To turn on Quarantine, log into Webmail and click AntiSpam Settings in the left menu. Select “Normal, (w/Quarantine)”. This will send spam into your Spam Folder for review.   If you do find legitimate messages in your Spam Folder, such as those from a mailing list you subscribe to, you can easily “whitelist” the address so that it will always be delivered to your Inbox.  Simply open the message in your Spam Folder and click the “Allow Sender” link in the message options above the text. This will also transfer that particular message to your inbox.

Once you have whitelisted the addresses of any messages in your Spam Folder that you wanted to receive, you should only see spam in your Spam Folder. After a week or two, you should be able to turn off quarantine again. This is the best way to reduce the amount of spam sent to your email address. By leaving quarantine off most of the time, it encourages spammers to remove your address from their spam lists. To turn off quarantine, just select “Normal (RECOMMENDED)” under the spam settings.

You can always enable quarantine again later if needed, and you can add addresses directly to your whitelist at any time.

To learn more about Spam Settings, Whitelists, and more, please review our Spam Filtering FAQ at:

Spam Filtering FAQ’s