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Web Pages and Hosting

All Crestview Internet users have 10MBPS of personal Web Space and email. Downloading an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) application with your browser will make posting your own Web pages quick and easy.


Getting Started:
Make sure to set the Host Name in your FTP software as:


Your personal Web Space is stored at:
(The upkeep on your web site is your responsibility. Crestview does not provide web creation service, editing or maintenance for a personal site.)


For others to view or access your web site, they would type in:
http:www.crestviewcable.com/~username.htm or html
(Wherever you see “username.htm or html”, that is the name of your web page file.

If you need a FTP program, one is available with “WS_FTP”, as a free download from the internet. A search like AltaVista will find it for you.
You can find this information at: